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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

An introduction letter from the Editor-In-Chief, Alexandra Aguinaga-Trujillo.

Blank spaces. As imaginative and brimming with possibility as they can be for some it can also be equally intimidating and borderline overwhelming for others. I have seen it time and time again from a real estate perspective with clients looking at properties excited with their vision to the complete opposite of those not really knowing how to fathom all of that empty space.

Either way, there is no right or wrong way to observe how you perceive it; it is just a matter of what you want to create, and with that sometimes you need a bit of guidance from an interior designer, architect, and so forth.

In turn, this is the direction in which this publication is going— consider it your personal guidebook. My intention is to create an aesthetically pleasing magazine where you are able to quickly find those resources that spark your imagination, interviews that intrigue you, and tools that enrich your lifestyle.

Just like that empty architectural space above which is actually located at Popsicle Studios in Los Angeles (you may recognize it from countless fashion shoots, newly released car launches from Audi to Lamborghini, the film “Batman Begins” and my personal favorite when the ever-so-lovely, Russ Bateman of The SBC Collective touched down in Los Angeles for a quick training session).

In selecting this particular space like all hidden gems you would never know it existed from the exterior or even the type of rich, architectural textures that could be derived from this blank concrete canvas. Just like this space, we will chart this course together so you can view your home or yourself in a different light—perhaps adding to your existing knowledge base or gaining a fresh perspective together.

Looking forward to the journey onward and upward.

With style + gratitude,



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