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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Meditation spaces, yoga or pilates studios and wellness rooms come in various shapes, sizes, and decorative elements. Each begetting one onto the next including certain elements that inspire a sense of calmness and experience as a wellness retreat—indoors.

However, it depends on much more than furniture or color swatches but more about your own “inner sanctuary” since it reflects you.

You can meditate or even practice your yoga beachside, alongside a mountain stream rushing cold, brisk water past you or high atop the desert realms of Joshua Tree without the confines of four interior walls.

In fact, sometimes it is known when we have a mental or spiritual block to unearth by traveling to a different location— we find a refreshed perspective serves that purpose quite well.

If you notice that block when you are indoors than some visit into nature to just relax and be present in the organic scenery is delightful. If it is meditation that you seek it might do a bit of good to not be in an area where others might be walking past frequently.

All in all, whether you favor the minimal architecture of Scandinavian design, the Zen gardens of Japan or the rich and vibrant color palette of India it all serves the same purpose. You are the meditation “space”, the yoga “practice” or the “training” session that makes you feel undeniably wonderful. You are there in that space—in that now moment to reflect, pause and do something for yourself that makes you feel good. Enjoy your life, feel the true essence of gratitude from within and welcome that ability to create a special niche of time for yourself.


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