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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Is generic the new unique?

‘Wellness’, ‘well-being’, ‘self-care’, ‘mindfulness’, and a bevy of other buzzwords are gaining sudden popularity hearing about them equally online as well as offline. There’s even a section on The Alexandra POV about ‘well-being’ except what resonates the most is as a present-day society, there should have never been a deviation from taking care of yourself or specifically planning just one day a week where you can digitally detox from technology, schedule a massage or become mindful about what you eat.

As awareness begins to shift throughout modern-day culture, some of the real questions surfacing are similar to “when did taking care of yourself become a strategic luxury” or “how and when did you get off track”?

Truth be told, there’s a resurgence aligning to what we’ve always known deep within our inner knowing which is we have never truly disconnected from honoring, respecting, and caring for ourselves.

Yes perhaps, there has been some emotional, spiritual, mental, or even physical static that has skewed your view from the very essence of you— whole and complete in your natural state but do not misunderstand that you “need” to fix something broken or that you are “lacking” something within to be whole.

Take the time to breathe. Actually consciously breathe so much so that you can feel your entire body buzzing with light energy, notice your heart beating and bring back into perspective that you are whole and complete all on your own. You don’t need to keep endlessly searching online (or offline) for answers to life, your purpose, or anything that mentally perplexes you enough into exhaustion. Surely, you do not need to attract that type of energy back to you further compounding it.

When you take the time to truly listen and look within yourself—you will find that your mind, body, and soul guide you to what it finds necessary at that very moment.

Above all else, be grateful for your unique essence every single day as you continually gravitate towards people, places, and moments that inspire, encourage and illuminate your path that you are already well-equipped to forge ahead aligning with what you already know deep within.


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