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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

From mini art galleries to hidden street.

California— the “Golden State” revered for its access to stunning naturescapes, eco-conscious lifestyles, and home to some of the most forward-thinking technology brands on the planet.

In recent years, some of the most eco-savvy green initiatives have been enacted within the state ranging from air quality control with incentives for hybrid vehicles to plastic waste reduction with eliminating the usage of shopping bags or selectively offering plastic straws in food and drink establishments.

Passionate California conservationists, activists, and advocates abound regardless of gender, net worth and certainly not just neatly compartmentalized into crafty marketing sub-categories such as “Baby Boomer”, “Gen-X” and “Millennial” are seeking to evoke change for the welfare of the planet and all of its interconnected inhabitants.

However, rest assure California is certainly not becoming the land of raffia-bound sandals and natural fiber potato sack clothing—luxury brands are also seeing the shift in the marketplace now with addressing eco-conscientious concerns from packaging to supply chain down to the process of manufacturing. Many of those business practices are emerging dutifully seeking eco-friendly alternatives by leveraging technology and becoming more aware of the impact on the environment without sacrificing their signature luxury component.

Diamond Foundry is one of them. Based in California, this cutting-edge luxury company has taken the use of technology by literally creating one of the top sought-after high-ticket luxury items—diamonds in a sustainable yet ethically sourced way. Diamond Foundry utilizes solar technology by simulating the way diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle through a high-pressure, high-temperature plasma reactor as atoms form layer by layer upon a thin foundation of the diamond; thus creating the atomic structure of the diamond growing it in size (hence larger diamonds and more carats, if you please). Through this innovative process, the end result produces a meticulously crafted, jewelry-grade diamond that is 0.01% rare. The luxury lab even utilizes solar credits offsetting their carbon footprint to zero during their manufacturing process.

The company ethos cultivated not only stems from the environmental impact of traditional industrial mining but also the social impact which has often played a pivotal decision-making role with diamond aficionados purchasing these glistening gems to ensure they are not mined from heavy conflict regions across the globe.

Not knowing the exact point of origin has often been a moot point for many buyers seeking conflict-free diamonds often referred to as “blood diamonds” but purchasing from a one-stop luxury lab such as Diamond Foundry is taking the guesswork out of the purchase. Buyers of the glistening gems are also finding no additional markups from dealers and exchanges making it even more so popular for those seeking further value for their investment.

Many high-end California jewelers, designers, and metalsmiths are already using Diamond Foundry created diamonds in their customized settings such as Jennifer Dawes Design, Christine Guibara, and Sara Saughnessy / Amanda Knox Sather of Redstart as well as Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels, Baxter Moerman, and Yadav Diamonds.

Also, taking design to newfound heights was the recent collaboration between Diamond Foundry, Sir Jony Ives (Apple’s Chief Design Officer), and illustrious industrial designer, Marc Newson by creating “The (RED) Diamond Ring” (pictured left), an all diamond ring without the use of a metal setting or band. The one-off project was designed and created to raise money for (RED) and was auctioned in December 2018 at the Sotheby’s auction house in Miami fetching an initially reported $256,250 which was then matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation taking it to the total amount of $461,250 for the stunning piece.

Seeing the groundbreaking innovation that “above ground” created diamonds provide, there is much to be said with potential including the positive ecological and social benefits. However, some are not still completely sold still favoring the naturally-formed version over the technologically manmade one but it can safely be said this company has forever changed the jewelry industry and how we now view diamonds.




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Santa Monica CA 90405



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