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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Interview by Alexandra Aguinaga-Trujillo | Editor-In-Chief

Springtime, nature’s ability to reinvent itself filled with glorious new floral blooms, budding new leaves, and even the occasional glimpse of a butterfly migration pattern. Just as we reset our intentions for the new season after the brisk, calm winter has passed. We delight in fresher, lighter food dishes, more outdoor activity, and the focus on streamlining from our own goals to cleaning our homes.

As cliché as “spring cleaning” might sound, there is profound symbolism behind it—shifting the stagnant, cozy energy from autumn and winter’s past into the brighter, vivacious spring and summer seasons. When I first crossed paths with Nixie Marie, I immediately recognized not only the value that her company provides to her clients but the compassion behind her company’s mission to integrate well-being into every aspect of a home environment.

This is not just your ordinary Swiffer®, mop, and be gone type of outfit it is the intricate practices put forth from energy clearing your space to select natural, non-toxic essential oils to clean. Her team exudes the type of thoroughness and endearing practice as though each home was their very own which immediately caught my eye.

Just as we take care of ourselves—our living spaces must also embody the same care, love, and inner sanctuary-type reverence that one can only provide to ensure that our homes become that necessary healing retreat away from the outside world.

"As I began my journey into the healing arts, I started to see that everything around us is made up of energy. We can manipulate or change the state of energy by clearing, cleansing, and giving love or attention to the intended space."

-Nixie Marie, CEO \ Nixie Dust Cleaning

Q: Share what Nixie Dust Cleaning is all about from your personal point of view with the special qualities that your company brings to the current marketplace.

A: Nixie Dust Cleaning is so much more than just a cleaning company. We provide an alternative to most traditional cleaning companies that use toxic chemicals that can cause respiratory issues, asthma, infertility, and many other health issues. I believe that the home is a sanctuary where people need to have more options in creating a healthy environment.

Q: What was the conceptual process behind forming Nixie Dust Cleaning especially with bringing a holistic approach to the marketplace?

A: As I began my journey into the healing arts I started to see that everything around us is made up of energy. We can manipulate or change the state of energy by clearing, cleansing, and giving love or attention to the intended space. Nixie Dust Cleaning is a company that brings this level of awareness to every last particle of dust that we clean.

When one might think of cleaning, they think of bleach, toxic chemicals, and Pine-Sol. These chemicals are absolutely not needed when cleaning a home. There are many cleaning products that position themselves as green, and while they are better than others, in my research I’ve found there are simple homemade alternatives that are 100 percent healthy for you and your family, do not hurt the environment, and create much cleaner, more vibrant, and happier place for everyone to live in. It is time we change our mindset around what type of products we use and bring into our homes, lungs, and the oceans.

Q: Has this type of business always been your passion?

A: I’ve always been an entrepreneur, but no, this business was never something I saw in my future nor was it my passion. I stumbled across cleaning when I was in the midst of a big life transition of walking away from my other business in the fashion industry and needed to find a way to make extra income. I began to realize that the need for a green cleaning service was huge and the largest of companies weren’t addressing the root of the issue both environmentally and consciously. As time went on, the demand grew and so did my passion for creating a conscious business.

Q: What do you want your clients to connect with most from their experience with your brand?

A: The intention for each and every client that we work with is for them to FEEL the shift and transformation in their home with our services and that by choosing a green company, they are contributing to a greater purpose.

Q: What are some of your favorite essential oils and why?

A: In regards to cleaning, hands down Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Thieves. These are some of my best partners in using the earth’s gifts to clean and cleanse a home. Lemongrass doesn’t only smell like heaven (and reduces anxiety), it has incredible germ-fighting powers and gets its spotlight from being antifungal which is great for mold removal. Grapefruit is antibacterial so it eliminates germs and an overgrowth of bacteria in the home! Lastly, Thieves is the OG cleaning essential oil. Most people don’t even realize where its name originates from. Thieves’ oil has been used for thousands of years by grave robbers to protect them from becoming ill from their contact with decaying corpses.

Q: What are some of the practices your team implements when energy cleansing your clients' homes?

A: We treat space clearing as a ceremony. We pay respect to all four directions and the overall energy of the home by offering a blessing and setting an intention for each room we clear. The intention is truly the secret ingredient for us in every clearing we perform.

Q: Do you have any tips or suggestions for readers that may not be familiar to why energy cleansing is essential in your practice?

A: This is a really great question because I often find that many of us go through life not realizing that our inner world makes up our outer world. In today’s society, things in the home can easily become chaotic, cluttered, and unbalanced and that can directly affect our minds. It is important to do a reset and clear any stagnant energy to rebalance the Chi in the home so that our minds can also ease up and focus on the things that bring us joy.

Q: What essentials do you believe can change the dynamic of either a home space or investment property?

A: To keep things simple and minimal, lighting is a huge make-it-or-break-it in the home. Good lighting can make a space feel warm, calming, and induce good energy. Bad lighting can create anxiety, sleep deprivation, and drain your energy. Poor lighting can also make our skin look old and grey, not very sexy if your intentions are to grow a family.

Q: What are some other suggested ways someone can implement a connection into their personal space even if it is a short-term stay and they don't quite feel at home with it?

A: Home is wherever you make it. Whenever I travel, which is fairly often, I always bring a crystal, my favorite book, incense, and an oracle deck. I always place these objects on a dresser or nightstand to create a small altar that reminds me I am home wherever I am. I would suggest bringing in a plant friend or anything sacred to you so that when you see it, you feel that sense of foundation and safety. Also, altars are perfect for short-term travel life!

Q: Does your team put music on whilst on the job? If so, what's on the rotating music playlist currently?

A: Music is a huge element in clearing. The sound emitted at a certain frequency such as mantras or binaural beats can also shift the energy. We don’t always play music out loud in our clients' homes, but when we do a big move out/ in clean or deep clean we bring the speakers and turn the volume up! We like to have fun when we work as joy and happiness are such key factors in raising the vibe. The current playlist consists of 741Hz, 417Hz, Donna De Lory, Rufus Du Sol, and Rising Appalachia.

Q: What has been your best or most memorable experience to date?

A: Transforming a cluttered room into an organized miracle for a client that had been using a bedroom as a storage space for nearly a decade and wanted to have a “girl cave”. Her reaction when the room was complete was filled with many emotions and continues to this day reminds me why I do this work when things get challenging.

Q: Which room in a home is the most challenging for your team to clean and why?

A: Kitchens are the center of every home, in Feng Shui, they represent the heart of the overall space. We often find this to be the most challenging to clean because it is used more frequently and there is more energy to clear.

Q: Where do you observe is the most utilized room(s) in a home?

A: The Kitchen and the living room are notably the most used rooms in a home.

Q: How often do you recommend deep cleanings for your clientele?

A: We always perform deep cleaning and cleanse for our clients in working with us for the first time. This allows us to really set the standards of how we need the home to be for regular maintenance cleanings. From there, if we are maintaining the home on a consistent basis, we will go in and do a deep cleaning every 6 months.

Q: Where would you like to see Nixie Dust Cleaning going in the next few years?

A: My vision for Nixie Dust Cleaning is to grow and expand into other states as well as launch our own product line to make green cleaning more accessible to the public in all areas of the world.

For more information on Nixie Marie or how to schedule an appointment with her team, please visit her website at Nixie Dust Cleaning.


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