about alexandra

Finding the perfect lifestyle balance is quintessential and ideally what each of us strive for everyday—we are indeed busy people leading bustling lives as entrepreneurs, employees, executives, CEOs, spouses, parents (fur babies included) and every other role possible under the sun.

From the time that A.M. alarm sounds— a quick shower is taken, a cup of tea, coffee or fresh pressed juice is poured and your prayer, meditation and/or yoga session is underway. Now off to spin class, jog, morning surf or swim then it is onto making sure the kids are ready for school, confirming tonight’s dinner reservation, checking eMail and receiving your daily digital updates. (Whew… and big, deep breath!)

However your day begins—I understand how you need to maximize your time each day with your daily priorities yet keeping your stress level down to a minimum.

Knowing how convenience is everything these days, I set about launching an online luxury magazine that I would specially curate to provide you with the best, high-quality purveyors and places within California. Nevertheless, the very essence of luxury found on The Alexandra Point of View goes beyond just price point or brand name it is more about the overall mindset that enriches your life and those around you.

Researching recommendations, finding trustworthy local products or services for you and your home can take time so I created a centralized online hub especially for you stemming from my business background, local trusted resources and personal knowledge. (I am a born and raised Californian with a bit of former New Yorker.)

For more than 15 years, my career has spanned across the international luxury, media and entertainment circuit taking me down several paths with film studios, law firms, major communications firms and even my own media companies.

Projects varying from working on multichannel marketing and PR campaigns for major brands such as Audi, Aēsop (AUS), Lacoste (FR), Mikimoto (USA), Swarovski, The Luxury Collection Hotels, Sephora, Mariage Frères, Perrier (US), Land Rover (UK), Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and VOGUE / Condé Nast to the infamous yet ever anonymous British artist, Banksy.

I’ve always had a keen eye for design aesthetics, spotting trends and working with technology which led me to launching projects for high-level personalities in fashion, film and music to working alongside consulates, embassies and cultural dignitaries. 

Always having shared an affinity for architecture, design and real estate, I decided to obtain my real estate license— immediately starting out the gate focusing on high-end luxury real estate.

Now coming full circle with my knowledge of real estate, luxury and media, I welcome you to The Alexandra Point of View.